Pack 317 Hiking Program

Since 2019, our Pack has created a robust hiking program, with hiking activities throughout the year!  Scouts are rewarded for their participation on these hikes with a segment patch when they reach certain milestones.  At 50 miles, Scouts are rewarded with their very own hiking staff, which they can continue to use throughout their future Scouting activities.

Please be aware that the hiking program is a local program that Pack 317 participates in; it is not an official BSA program.

The Brag Vest or Patch Blanket is available for purchase from our local Scout Shops. This is a perfect place to display your Scout's hiking achievements.

Hiking Guidelines

Leave No Trace

Remember Compass Points

Trail Rules

If you get lost

Cub Scout Six Essentials

A big part of Cub Scouts involves introducing children to the fun and adventure of spending time outdoors. And if you’re going to spend time outdoors, you’re going to want the right gear.  The following items should be packed into a small day pack that a Scout can carry (avoid drawstring bags, as these "cut" into a child's shoulders as they hike).

Water Bottle

filled and large enough to last until it can be filled again

First Aid Kit

a few adhesive bandages will do


for emergency use only

Trail Food

trail mix or dried fruit make an easy and healthy snack


SPF30+ sunscreen and/or bug repellant


for emergency use only

Hiking Segments

Entry Patch

Awarded after you attend your first hike!

Five Miles

Awarded after completing 5 total miles of hiking.

Ten Miles

Awarded after completing 10 total miles of hiking.

Twenty Miles

Awarded after completing 20 total miles of hiking.

Thirty Miles

Awarded after completing 30 total miles of hiking.

Forty Miles

Awarded after completing 40 total miles of hiking.

Fifty Miles

Awarded after completing 50 total miles of hiking.

Sixty Miles

Awarded after completing 60 total miles of hiking.

Seventy Miles

Awarded after completing 70 total miles of hiking.

Eighty Miles

Awarded after completing 80 total miles of hiking.

Ninety Miles

Awarded after completing 90 total miles of hiking.

Hundred Miles

Awarded after completing 100 total miles of hiking.

Hiking Tracker

Since the beginning of our program, our Scouts have hiked over 1000 cummulative miles!

(updated 8/21/23 @ 5:00pm)