Stronger With You!

Pack 317 is first and above all a "parent-run" organization. What does this mean to us? First, parents are encouraged to participate alongside their Cub Scout: attend our meetings, decide on our activities, handle training, and take care of each other on activities. The adults in our Pack are responsible to ensure that the program adheres to BSA standards, that the atmosphere is safe and constructive, and to coach and mentor the boys as needed. The best Scout program is one in which the adults appear to be doing the least.

The mission statement and the objectives of Scouting represent the goals of the Scouting movement. These are important, but children don't join Scouting because they want to develop their character and sense of citizenship. To them, Scouting is fun and adventure. It’s ropes, camping, cooking, hiking, climbing, knives, fire, canoeing, wilderness, teamwork, rain and shine, snow and ice, mud and dust, and of course, plenty noisy! A good Scouting program uses the outdoors as a workshop to build the Scouts’ self-esteem through mastery of skills, self-reliance, and leadership development. Of course, there is a lot of fun in the process!

There are also many things that Cub Scouting is not. There is no hazing, bullying, intimidation or fighting in Scouting. These behaviors will not be tolerated. No active Scout will be excluded unless they violate the Scout Oath.