The Raingutter Regatta is a racing event for unpowered, unmanned miniature sail boat. The Raingutter Regatta race is an annual event run by Pack 317. With the help of adults, Cub Scouts build their own boats from kits containing a block of balsa wood, mast, a plastic sail, plastic rudder, and a metal keel.

Get ready to "set sail" on the Raingutter Regatta!

Vehicle Construction

Pack 317 provides an official Raingutter Regatta kit to each Cub Scout. The Scout begins with a trimaran hull, mast, sail, outriggers, and wood screws. The finished boat must meet all requirements, as set forth in the Pack 317 Official Raingutter Regatta Rules (below).

Blocks can be sanded with sandpaper, sanding block, or a powered sander. Following basic design rules, a Cub Scout is able to design and decorate the boat as they choose. Boats vary from unfinished blocks to whimsical objects, to accurate replicas of actual sail boats.

The Race

The Pack 317 Raingutter Regatta Race is run on our own hand-made regatta race track. We use race officials at both ends of the track to administer and officiate the results of the race. The race is run in heats, by den, and overall pack winners.

2022 Race Results

Heat #01 - Brantley v. Elena

Heat #02 - Johnny v. Braylan

Heat #03 - Kenzie v. Joey

Heat #04 - Luke v. Cole

Heat #05 - Sam v. Brantley

Heat #06 - Elena v. Johnny

Heat #07 - Braylan v. Kenzie

Heat #08 - Joey v. Luke

Heat #09 - Cole v. Sam

Heat #10 - Elena v. Brantley

Heat #11 - Braylan v. Johnny

Heat #12 - Joey v. Kenzie

Heat #13 - Cole v. Luke

Heat #14 - Brantley v. Sam

Heat #15 - Johnny v. Elena

Heat #16 - Kenzie v. Braylan

Heat #17 - Luke v. Joey

Heat #18 - Sam v. Cole

Championship Series

Heat #01 - Johnny v. Brantley

Heat #02 - Luke v. Johnny

Heat #03 - Brantley v. Luke

Heat #04 - Brantley v. Johnny

Heat #05 - Johnny v. Luke

Heat #06 - Luke v. Brantley

Sudden Death - Johnny v. Brantley

Final Results

1st Place - Luke

2nd Place - Johnny

3rd Place - Brantley

Cub Scout Pack 317 Official Raingutter Regatta Rules

Event Rules & Regulations

  • All boats must pass the following inspection to qualify for the race:

    1. Only basic materials supplied in the Official BSA kit may be used.

    2. Boats with wet paint will be disqualified

    3. Once the boat is submitted for entry, no further adjustments can be made except in the case of mechanical failure.

    4. At registration judges will assign a number to the boat and separate it by Den.

    5. Additional rules are being finalized and will be added prior to race day.

  • The race will broken into several heats:

    • Lions

    • Tigers

    • Wolves

    • Bears

    • Webelos

    • Arrow of Light

    • Overall Pack Champions (1st Place from each den heat)

  • Any entry that experiences a mechanical failure will be allowed to re-race if it can be repaired during the same heat. It will count as a heat loss if it cannot be repaired prior to the beginning of the next heat. All repairs of this type must be done with a race official observing and certifying as to its sea worthiness.

  • The fastest boat to the finish line is the winner. In the event that all boats don’t reach the end of track, the one that goes the furthest is declared the winner.

  • Only authorized persons will be allowed in the raingutter racing area

  • One Boat per Scout.

  • All rulings by the “Coast Guard” are FINAL.