Blue & Gold Banquet

A celebration of Scouting and a farewell to our Arrow of Light Scouts

The Blue and Gold banquet is the most exciting event on the Cub Scout calendar. It is the birthday celebration of Cub Scouting. Every family in the Pack can take part in its planning and execution. The banquet is held in February, as this is the anniversary month of the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts of America began on February 8, 1910, and Cub Scouting began twenty years later. The BLUE AND GOLD gets its name from the Cub Scout colors -- blue and gold.

This is an event for one of the Pack's largest Court of Honor ceremonies, with badges of rank awarded to the Scouts that have completed their requirements.  The Arrow of Light Crossover ceremony is included as our 5th graders end their Cub Scouting days and join into a Scouts, BSA troop.

The Blue & Gold Banquet is a formal event, and all Scouts and leaders should be in the full Official Cub Scout Uniform.

Event Info

Saturday, February 22, 2025
(time TBA)

Plano American Legion

Scouts and their immediate family

Planned Activities