Den Chief Resources

Dear Potential Den Chief,

First of all, THANK YOU! Your choice to volunteer as a Den Chief in our pack helps to grow the connection between the Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA programs. This is a youth leadership position, so you will be expected to represent the Scout Oath and Law and act as a good role model for the den that you are serving.

Through our combined efforts, we will continue to offer our youth the highest-quality Cub Scouting program in the area and encourage a group of Cub Scouts to join your Scouts BSA troop when they cross-over!

Yours in Scouting,
Rob Crawley | Committee Chair

Den Chief Expectations

Den chiefs are Scouts who assist a Cub Scout den leader or Webelos den leader. They are selected by the Senior Patrol Leader and Scoutmaster; then approved by the cubmaster and the pack committee for recommendation to the den leader. Den chiefs help Cub Scouts advance through Cub Scout ranks and encourage Cub Scouts to join a troop upon graduation.

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • knows the purposes of Cub Scouting

  • helps Cub Scouts achieve the purposes of Cub Scouting

  • serves as the activities assistant at den meetings

  • sets a good example through attitude and uniforming

  • is a friend to the members of the den

  • helps lead weekly den meetings

  • meets regularly with the den leader to review den and pack meeting plans

  • meets as needed with adult members of the den, pack, and troop

  • receives training from the den leader (and cubmaster or assistant cubmaster)

  • takes Den Chief Training

  • encourages Cub Scouts to become Webelos Scouts when they are eligible

  • encourages Webelos Scouts to join a Scout troop upon graduation

  • wears the Scout uniform correctly

  • lives by the Scout Oath and Law

  • shows Scout spirit

Den Chief Service Award

After one year of service to our Pack, you could be eligible for recognition with the Den Chief Service Award:

  1. Serve the pack faithfully for one full year.

  2. Attend Den Chief Training (if available within year of service) OR be trained by the assistant Cubmaster and den leader.

  3. Know and understand the purposes of Cub Scouting.

  4. Help Cub Scouts achieve the purposes of Cub Scouting.

  5. Be the activities assistant in den meetings.

  6. Set a good example by attitude and uniforming.

  7. Be a friend to the Scouts in the den.

  8. Take part in weekly meetings.

  9. Assist the den at the monthly pack program.

  10. Meet as needed with the adult members of the den, pack, troop, or crew.

  11. Complete four of these projects:

    1. Serve as a staff member of a special Cub Scouting event, such as a Scouting show, bicycle rodeo, etc.

    2. Serve as a staff member of a Cub Scout day camp or resident camp.

    3. Advance one rank.

    4. Assist in recruiting three new Cub Scouts.

    5. Assist three Cub Scouts to become Webelos Scouts.

    6. Assist three Webelos Scouts to join a troop.

    7. Help to plan and carry out a joint pack-troop activity.

    8. Recommend to your Scoutmaster, or Venturing Advisor another Scouts BSA member, or Venturer to be a den chief.