Treasure Bread Sale

Every Spring, our Scouts set out into the community to sell dessert loaves from Treasure Bread as a fundraiser. Treasure Bread sales for 2021 have now concluded. We appreciate everyone who supported the Cub Scout mission through your generous contributions in 2021!


$12.50 per loaf

A dense, moist loaf of homemade goodness, with a sparkling top & bottom crust of sugar & cinnamon.

Available in Original or Gluten-Free!

Gold Rush

$12.50 per loaf

Golden Walnuts add a buttery crunch to our melt in your mouth, old-fashioned banana bread.


$12.50 per loaf

A beautiful balance is found between the layers of sweet bread and zings of cranberry… with a hint of cinnamon.

Sapphire Sunshine

$12.50 per loaf

Bright and fresh. A spectacular combination of deep bursts of blueberry and layers of sunny lemon.


$12.50 per loaf

Smooth & luscious pumpkin combined with cinnamon & nutmeg make for a perfect treat anytime.

Topaz Swirl
(Milk Chocolate & Peanut Butter)

$12.50 per loaf

Deep and creamy milk chocolate & peanut butter magic in every bite.

Brownie Bliss
(Triple Chocolate)

$12.50 per loaf

The decadent flavor of three distinct chocolates blend together into one scrumptious loaf. Makes for the perfect dessert!

Mini Bundle
(Six 4oz. Loaves)

$22.50 per loaf

Flavors included are 1 Cinnamon Sugar, 1 Banana-Nut, 1 Cranberry-Orange, 1 Blueberry Lemon, 1 Pumpkin, and 1 Triple Chocolate.